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At GRAFT3D, we believe user friendly technology is key foundation of success in planning & executing complex surgeries. With specialized Engineers, Doctors, Analysts and Business Executives, we incorporate our years of expertise in 3D printing to provide distinctive solutions for health care field which makes us to stand in unique way.

Our portfolio of Products includes but not limited to 3D Systems software for Medical Applications, that includes Image Processing and Bio-cad Modelling Software, 3D Scanner and 3D Printers (with different technologies like FDM, DLP and DLMS). The company’s success lies in it’s ability to offer technologies as per customers need. We share a strong commitment with customers to find world class technologies to deliver cost-effective and accurate solutions.

Our Ultimate Service is to Provide Radiological Assisted 3D Model (RAM) – for interpreting Patient’s Anatomy prior to surgery. Adding on,we create Virtual Surgical Platform(VSP) – for predetermining the Surgical Cuts. The brawn creation of Graft3D lies in designing Patient Specific Implants(PSI) with nearly 100 successive case studies on complex surgeries.

As advanced as dentistry today, we are dedicated to make it even greater and easier for the physician. The ultimate vision is to provide customization for planning surgery to look at patient

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