Anatomical Model Package

Anatomical Model Package (AMP)

Anatomical models are the best tools to explain about internal and external structures of body’s systems. The precise anatomical models depict fine details and their dissected views help to achieve effective hands-on experience to the students in medical profession and physicians.


AMP package of Graft3D provides compact technologies to achieve this high-quality custom-made 3D medical models and to build it in a way of meticulous standards using additive manufacturing (AM). AM is the only solution to make any type of anatomical 3D models with greater accuracy and also specific to the patient’s anatomy. It is just more than creating physical model but fetching design and novelty to the forefront.

One of the greatest advantage of AMP is to reduce the time to take output than any other available technologies in the market.

The ability to make models directly from CT, MRI or any other 3D scanner is a great benefit which can be achieved using D2PTM software. The D2PTM has three different modules as Bone, Vascular and Tooth. The designing can be achieved by software, and output can be printed using various types of commercialised 3D printing technologies.


3D printing brings a ground-breaking approach to manufacturing through key advantages like Shorter lead time, design freedom, and lower costs. American society for testing and materials (ASTM) group “ASTM F42- Additive manufacturing”, has developed a set of standards and processes according to different technologies, namely Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Digital Light processing (DLP), Laser Sintering Techniques (SLS), and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DLMS) which ultimately based on customer requirements.

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