Anatomical Models


Visualization of 3D models of patient’s anatomy from (CT/MRI/CBCT) data can show and guide the doctors for planning of treatments. Physically replicating your patient’s anatomy preoperatively lets you to come to a more accurate diagnosis. It will also assist you with practicing the surgical approach, one can cut and visualize parts of the model, drill in it or prebend your plates on it. It enables you to go into surgery fully prepared, with an optimal treatment plan, optionally with a pre-bent plate, and avoid surprises. This reduces the time needed to perform the surgery, as well as increasing its accuracy and efficiency and ensures a better outcome for the patient.

Graft3D gives a range of 3D Printing services for anatomical models. Whether you are looking for a way to create a digital 3D anatomical model or If you already have a 3D Design file and looking for a 3D printed anatomical models we have you covered. With a Team of Medical experts and Design Engineers and having a vast experience in anatomical modelling Graft3D is your partner of choice for all your digital 3D Printing needs.

We also can provide Pre and Post-OP Models, Where the Surgeons can get a clear and detailed visualization of their Patient’s Case studies via 3D Printed models. They can plan their case work by comparing the Pre & Post – OP models and by also working on them. The main aim is to give pre-opinion and planning for surgeries and to device a customised solution for their case work.

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