Face Shield

Face Shields

As a healthcare company, Graft3D is now contributing its part to the nation to combat COVID-19, to meet country’s instant and a temporary huge demand, we are coming up with mass production capacity of per day 70k, having always 3L face shield reserved with OHP set to promptly support hospitals and public service.

Here are the key feature and benefit of Graft3D’S Shield

• Helps in effective social distancing.
• Products the face from all respiratory droplets.
• Easy to assemble.
• Can be sanitized and reused.
• Work well with any size without elastic band.



• Frame material: polypropylene.
• Front sheet: A4 size OHP sheet with 175 micron.
• Weight of frame: 15 gram.


• A product from healthcare firm.
• Direct manufacture with larger volume production capacity.
• All over India shipping.
• OHP sheet punching with die punching to make less human.


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