Geomagic Freeform®

Geomagic Freeform®

Geomagic® Freeform PlusTM

Geomagic Freeform® and Freeform Plus™, the industry’s most comprehensive organic design solution, enable you solve complex precision-design and manufacturing challenges. As the leading hybrid design platform on the market, it allows you to easily address challenging tasks within existing existing scan-to-print or CAD-to manufacturing workflows.

Design With A Different Approach

Break through the limitations of traditional CAD design and bring
your visions to reality. Geomagic Freeform offers a comprehensive
design and sculpting toolset allowing you to sculpt, detail and deform
virtual clay models into any form you desire. Take your designs to
the next level with the advanced toolsets in Geomagic Freeform
Plus. Design for manufacturability is made easy by employing hybrid
based conversions, surfacing, CAD editing tools, and mold prep tools,
giving you the best of organic and digital design.


Design Anything with Built-in Precision

3Geomagic Freeform picks up where traditional CAD software stops.
This hybrid modeling system has the
flexibility and benefits of many different
modeling paradigms incorporating
Surfaces, Solids, Mesh, SubD, and
Clay. Make smooth surfaces and
razor sharp edges with SubD, model
precisely defined CAD shapes with
NURBS and Solids or deform and
emboss shapes with Clay.


Perfectly Realistic Renderings

Amaze and delight your clients or colleagues with high definition
KeyShot for 3D Systems for fast and beautiful renderings of your
designs. A wide range of preset materials, lights and cameras let
you create stunning renderings. For highly customized renderings,
KeyShot includes tools to create high-resolution images, custom
materials and sophisticated lighting

Add Organic Design to Traditional CAD

Geomagic Freeform is purpose-built to get your
design into production, including its robust
interoperability tools to handle import and export
of 3D file formats including STL, OBJ, PLY, IGES,
STEP and other neutral formats. Freeform Plus
supports additional CAD formats. Combine CAD
files with sculpted features to create accurate
organic solids that are defined by explicit

Add Structure to your Design

Geomagic Freeform’s comprehensive StructureFX™ toolset delivers
the freedom to select existing patterns or create custom complex,
internal and external lattice structures for lightweight and beautiful
designs. Advanced tools create functional cages for applications
such as custom medical implants. These tools work alongside the
advanced 3D print analysis tools for perfect and successful 3D
printing of your designs.

Precise. Organic. Engineered.

Quickly Import and Repair 3D Data

Easily import STL, CAD, scan and other 3D data from any source
and instantly use them in your designs. Quickly repair faulty and
low-grade 3D data into smooth workable models. Employ sculpting
and embossing tools to form texture layers into real, physical
geometry that can be immediately 3D printed, used in traditional
manufacturing or easily exported in a wide range of formats for
downstream workflows.


Manufacture Directly
from Your Designs

Geomagic Freeform Plus allows you
to identify and remedy potential
manufacturing issues early in the design
process so you can retain artistic control
while avoiding production surprises and
costly oversights. Confidently 3D print your
designs with pre-printing analysis tools to
ensure the part prints right the first time. You can also use Freeform
data to quickly 3D print casting patterns for fast, accurate creation
of investment casts. Powerful voxel technology exports water-tight
models requiring no additional costly model repair software


Easily Communicate in 3D

The stand-alone Freeform Viewer will display clay models from
Geomagic Sculpt and Geomagic Freeform. Simple visualization,
zoom, rotate, pan, measure and cutaway tools allow others to see a
model without having to be proficient in the software.

Capture to Freeform

Capture physical objects in 3D
directly inside Freeform using the
Geomagic Capture® 3D Scanner
– the most powerful, integrated,
industrial-grade 3D scanner and
software system. Bring the real
world into the digital world, and
leverage existing shapes and
designs in your own. Add complex
design elements and build creative
models around scanned components.

Use 3D Tools for 3D Tasks

For the ultimate in expressive freedom and faster modeling,
Geomagic Freeform products work exclusively with the included 3D
Systems Touch haptic devices to deliver freedom of motion and the
physical sensation of sculpting in a virtual environment. This more
intuitive way of interacting with your 3D design reduces learning
curves, speeds design and allows you to deliver top-notch 3D data

Freeform Industries

  • Academic & Education
  • Automotive & Motorcycle
  • Ceramics
  • Characters & Creatures
  • Collectibles & Giftware
  • Confectionery
  • Consumer Products
  • Dental
  • Engraving, Relief & Flatware
  • Film & Video
  • Fine Arts & Sculpture
  • Footwear
  • Home Décor & Housewares
  • Jewelry, Coins & Medals
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Personal Products
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tooling
  • Toys & Promotional

Geomagic Freeform Feature Comparison

Geomagic’s organic 3D engineering systems transform the way designs are brought to life, and meet a full spectrum of design needs Geomagic Sculpt offers simple but fast organic design to 3D print. Geomagic Freeform provides more tools for advanced design, and Freeform Plus takes the toolset to the next level by providing extensive hybrid design support, broader interoperability, and the tools you need to prep your part for mold tooling and manufacturing.

Mesh conversion and boolean support
SubD surfacing, modeling
StructureFX – LayerFX, CageFX, SurfaceFX
Full HD color rendering with KeyShot for 3D Systems
Manual patterning of pieces onto surfaces or in free-space
Automatic surfacing of clay or polygon models for export as NURBS surfaces
Direct Geomagic Capture scanning
3D printability analysis
Integration with 3D Sprint
Independent clay file viewer
2D Sketch tools, including Outlined Text New
Export of Orthographic or Turntable Modes (bmp, jpg, or png with transparency option) New
3D import of polygon and CAD neutral formats (.stl, .obj, .ply, .xml, .zpr, .iges, .stp, .step)
SubD surface texturing
StructureFX – CellularFX (Lattices)
Bend and twist tools
Cage and lattice deform
2D Slicer tool for part analysis as well as extraction of sets of offset images and profiles New
Shell Cut creates new surface following layer of profile cut objects New
Conversion of SubD to NURBS
Batching and background processing of reduce and export
Wrap for Freeform
CAD solids and surface tools
Complex draft analysis and correction
Automated mold parting line function
Mold parting surface extrusion from parting line curves
3D import of CAD native formats (.x_b, .x_t, .sldprt)
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