Virtual Operation Theatre

Virtual Operation Theatre (VOT)

The package is to stretch full illustration of surgical planning without some physical models which much more reduces the cost and lead time with greater efforts. VOT is the unique package comes up with either the Package of D2PTM software and Geomagic- FreeFormTM software with TouchTM Haptic device or D2PTM software with VR (Virtual Reality) Gear (Goggles).

The VR comes up with two different modules namely, Mesh VR and Volume VR in addition to Bone, Vascular and Tooth modules.The Mesh VR analyses the images from CBCT/CT/MRI any other scanners based on definition of light interaction with the object, letting the program to know how smooth the surface of the object is. The textured mesh is a dimensionally accurate 3D mapping of the space. When combined all these spatial data, mock surgery could also be feasible.

The Volume VR allows physicians to upload scanned images and immediately visualize medical datasets in no time without segmentation process which ultimately saves time. The volumes can be tracked using horizontal and vertical field of view and rendered using virtual reality. The usability and satisfying Volume VR technology enables to interact with original CT/MR/CBCT data but only limited to visualization unlike Mesh VR.

The haptic device enables user to sculpt freely like using clay. The user allowed to provide force using pen shaped grip and that is connected to force manipulators. The device is so intuitive for Medical Planning, Measuring and Analysing and interaction with Models using Haptic feedback.

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