Virtual Surgery Planning


The Main Objective of this Service is to give pre-opinion for surgeries with clear 3D visualization. Surgeons can build patient- specific Surgical Planning with this technology. The goal is to reduce complex surgery time with proper pre Operating planning and also to design their surgical guides to assist the surgery. Currently Virtual surgical planning plays greater role in following applications:

Orthognathic Surgical Planning
Mandibular or Maxillary Reconstruction
Craniofacial Reconstruction & Trauma surgery
Onco Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery
Spinal Surgery

VSP can give users with Two ways of experience:

  • By visualizing directly and diagnosing the Surgical plans to be made.
  • By using Haptic Feedback through Haptic device the Touch feeling of Bone consistency can be sensed by the doctors or surgeons. They can actually touch and feel the anatomical plans and designs and plan accordingly to their patient’s specific treatment.

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