Asthi- 3D Printed Anatomical Models

Plan .Train .Visualize.


Asthi is a bone-like 3D Printed standard Anatomical training model designed to provide medical professors and students with a lifelike and engaging surgical planning experience. Created to meet the demands of modern medical education, Whether you’re a seasoned surgeon or a student just starting out, with Asthi, you can practice complex surgical procedures in a safe and controlled environment without the risk of harming real patients.


Improved quality of skills and knowledge

Practice surgical procedures in a safe and risk-free environment

Understand the complex anatomical structures and pathologies

Better visualisation and examination of bones and tissues

Experiment with different surgical approaches and techniques

Learn what it feels like to drill and cut the real bone

Asthi’s Range of Standard 3D-Printed training Bone

The portion of the skull that encloses and protects the brain

The lower jawbone

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The collarbone

vhgchcgh 1


The shoulder blade

Rectangle 18


The breastbone

vbcvbnc 1


The bones that form the rib cage

fgvf 1


 The upper arm bone

Rectangle 12

Radius and ulna

The shoulder blade

wewfrdgt 1


The bones of the wrist

Rectangle 13


The bones of the hand (excluding the fingers)

l,ll,l,l,l,l, 1


The bones of the fingers and toes

Rectangle 15


The thigh bone

dsfdf 1


The kneecap

Rectangle 16

Tibia and fibula

The bones of the lower leg

ulull 1


The bones of the ankle

fhghgh 1


The bones of the foot (excluding the toes)


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The cost of training 3D-printed models varies depending on the no of the bone model, types of bone etc can email [email protected]

You can buy them directly by placing an order with us at [email protected] or buy them online from our website.

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to receive your custom-made model.

Asthi models are not intended to be reused as they are used through models made for drilling and cutting the bone, which will not make the anatomical model reusable..

Asthi’s 3D Printed Anatomical Model is a game-changing product that offers unparalleled benefits to medical colleges and professionals. With its advanced technology, customisable design, and affordability, Asthi is the ideal solution for surgical practice and medical training. Invest in Asthi today and elevate your institution to the next level.