Geomagic Touch & Touch X

Haptic Device


The haptic device provides tactile feedback that can be used by medical students and clinicians to develop their skills before entering the clinical environment. As well as increasing the accuracy and efficiency of their procedures, surgeons also enjoy reduced risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens and decrease the need for cadaver use.

Geomagic Touch

Touch is an essential tool for 3D Surgical Planning, Patient-Specific Implants, Virtual Surgical Planning, which helps surgeons clear 3D Visualization about the patient’s anatomy to develop surgical planning before the actual operation. It Creates a realistic user interface. Touch is a motorized device that applies force feedback on the users’ hand, allowing them to feel virtual objects and producing true-to-life touch sensations as users manipulate on-screen 3D objects.

Geomagic Touch X

The Touch X simulates real-world surgery so that novice surgeons can train with confidence at home before stepping into theatre. The Touch X allows surgeons to perform accurate virtual surgeries, learn the feel of a correct procedure before entering the clinical environment, and carry out multiple simulations in order to reach perfection before operating on real patients.

Features And Benefits

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Portable design and compact footprint.

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Compact force feedback workspace.

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6-degree-of-freedom positional sensing.

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3-degree-of-freedom force feedback.

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Comfortable molded-rubber stylus.

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Automatic workspace calibration.

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One integrated momentary stylus switch.

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Patent protected.

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Supports OpenHaptics toolkit with QuickHaptics micro API.

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Constructed of metal components and injection-molded carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

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CE certified.


Geomagic Touch & Touch X

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Touch and Touch X are motorized devices that apply force feedback on the users’ hands, allowing them to feel virtual objects and producing true-to-life touch sensations as users manipulate on-screen 3D objects.

The Price Range of a haptic device is between $4500 to $17000 (USD)

Geomagic Sculpt, geomagic freeform, geomagic freeform plus are haptic-based software.Apart from geomagic freeform software you can also use this device to integrate haptic into your existing software.

You can buy Geomagic touch and Touch x from 3dsystems authorized resellers in India.We are Graft3D Healthcare, one of the authorized distributors, a reseller of Haptic Device in India.

Touch and Touch X has a warranty period of 1 year. To receive frequent updates on Haptic Device, the user needs to go for AMC renewal every year.