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Human body and body parts 3D scanner


EinScan HX is based on hybrid structure light technology of LED and invisible infrared light (Class1), the invisible infrared light source offers a reliable solution to the problem of acquiring dark-coloured objects and enables an easy acquisition of human hair. It has an advanced alignment algorithm, which is compatible with slight body movement during the process of scanning. EinScan H is making human face-scanning more comfortable without strong light. With a built-in colour camera and large field of view, EinScan H provides high-quality 3D data with full-colour ready-to-use inminutes.. Impressive high resolution reaches 0.25mm, the high accuracy of scanned data up to 0.05mm, and volumetric accuracy 0.1mm/m improves the precision of 3D modelling in a dense points cloud.

Features & Benefits

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Quick Scan - Let you scan the entire human body in just 10mins.

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Portability - The patient doesn't need to go to the center. We'll scan at your place.

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Texture Scanning - It helps you 3d scan any color, exact color of the human skin.

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In-Built Software -Einscan HX Scan helps you to patch up the entire mesh file of the human body and Creates Water type mesh.

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Export to Printable Files - The files from the scanner can be exported directly for 3d printing, bio cad modeling, and downstream application.

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Scanner Accuracy - It is a high accuracy human body scanner, detailed, and outputs up to 50 micron.


Einscan H Specification

Application Gallery

Human body color 3D Scanning
3D scanning facial prosthesis
Modelling of Handsplint
Human Face 3D Scanning
Leg Prosthetics design in Freeform
3D Modelling of Artificial Ears

Video Gallery

Case Study

Missing Eye
Virtual Surgical Planning Assists With Full Face Transplant
Bio-CAD Modelling
Geomagic Freeform Puts a Face To Missing Children
Bio-cad Modelling
Geomagic Phantom Haptic Devices Allow Surgeons To Practice Procedure Using Virtual Touch

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By integrating LED structured light and invisible infrared light into one device, EinScan-H can be used in a wide range of applications. The invisible infrared light source provides a reliable solution to the problem of acquiring dark-coloured objects and enables an easy acquisition of human hair. Up to 1,200,000 points/s scan speed and large FOV of 420*440mm enables the scanning of large objects with high efficiency. We could say EinScan H is one of the most cost-effective handheld 3D scanners, suitable for applications, such as, art and heritage, forensics, virtual display, and healthcare.

EinScan HX has been designed as a handheld only device, matching the needs of medium to large size 3D scanning jobs and color capturing. We recommend a size from 30cm around for a good scanning experience with high quality. If you require a multifunctional 3D scanner suitable for handheld scanning and small size scanning jobs, we highly encourage you to download our handheld scanner guide at the end of this article to study more about suitable options.

EinScan HX has a larger single scanning range than EinScan Pro series which smoothes human body scanning enormously. The optimized alignment algorithm in Body Scan mode of EinScan HX enables efficient alignment despite small movements of the scanned object or person. Using EinScan HX to scan the human body is much be easier and faster. The dedicated Face scanning mode of EinScan HX which is equipped with an invisible infrared light source provides a reliable solution to the problem of acquiring dark-colored objects and enables an easy acquisition of human hair and simultaneously a safe and comfortable scanning process.

Yes. EinScan HX has a built-in color camera. You can get the full color data in rapid scan mode.

Yes. EinScan HX has laser scan mode, which is less sensitive to ambient light and thus delivering better performance in scanning reflective and dark colored surfaces.

OS:Win10,64 bit ,Graphics card:NVIDIA GTX1080 and higher , Video memory:≥4G , Processor:I7-8700 , Memory:≥32GB.

Data simplification, hole filling, smooth, sharpen, cutting-plane selection and removal, measurement, movement, texture optimization. The digital toolkit comprising EXScan Scanning Software, SolidEdge SHINING 3D Edition and Geomagic Essentials coming to you with your new EinScan HX will upgrade your 3D digital workflow significantly!

Blue laser is a stronger light source, predestined to capture dark and reflective surfaces. As blue light occurs at a much lesser rate in our usual environment, it is used as a light source in 3d scanning avoiding heavy environment light interference and delivering a much better performance in this case compared to white light.

Einscan HX is designed in a way that it perfectly matches the needs of a wide range of rigid industrial applications, measuring and reverse engineering and whosoever requires a fast, compact, easy to use and reliable high precision 3D scanning solution.