The Phantom Premium (formerly Sensible Phantom Premium) haptic devices fulfil the requirements of a vast range of research and commercial applications. With ranges of motion approximating hand movement pivoting at the wrist, elbow, or shoulder, the Phantom Premium can fulfil the requirements of manufacturing verification, machine component visualization, medical research and simulation, and an assortment of other haptically-enabled 3D applications.

Three models make up the Phantom Premium line of haptic devices:

1. Phantom Premium 1.0

2. Phantom Premium 1.5 and 1.5 HF (High Force)

3. Phantom Premium 3.0

The Phantom Premium 1.5 haptic device provides a range of motion approximating lower arm movement pivoting at the elbow. This device includes a passive stylus and thimble gimbal and provides three degrees of freedom positional sensing and three degrees of freedom force feedback. You can purchase an encoder stylus gimbal separately, enabling the measurement of pitch, roll, and yaw. A Phantom Premium 1.5 HF (High Force) device is also available and includes a built-in gear box option that provides higher forces. The thimble attachment is currently not available.


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The phantom device allows the user to interact with the computer by inserting his or her finger into a thimble. Multiple fingers may be used simultaneously or other devices such as a stylus or tool handle may be substituted for the thimble. It gives us the ability to feel the physical properties of virtual 3-D objects with much higher fidelity and much lower cost than previous force feedback devices.