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D2P (Dicom to Print) is a stand-alone modular software package that is designed to address and consolidate all 3D model preparation steps into one workstation. The software relies on unique automatic segmentation tools that minimizes the effort and time associated with the creation of a patient-specific model. DICOM images are imported into the D2P stand-alone modular software package that consolidates all 3D model segmentation and preparation steps into one workstation. D2P is a cleared medical device intended for pre-operative surgical planning and the production of 3D-printed anatomic models for diagnostic purposes. The unique image segmentation tool set and its advanced virtual reality (VR) visualization allow clinicians and point-of-care (POC) staff to minimize the effort and time associated with the creation of patient-specific anatomic models. Digital models exported from the D2P software can be used in a wide variety of applications including 3D printers, VR devices, surgical planning software, and CAD software. The software is intended to be used by medical staff for pre-operative surgical planning and allows for the export of 3D digital models in various file formats that can be used by numerous applications. Comprehensive solution for quick 3D digital model creation making 3D printing more accessible than ever.

End-to-end solution for 3d digital model creation

FDA 510(K) clearance of D2P software for healthcare applications allows surgeons, radiologists, lab technicians and device designers to quickly create accurate, digital 3D anatomical models from medical imaging data.


Features And Benefits

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D2P minimizes the need for technical expertise.

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Ideal for pre-operative surgical planning and diagnostic evaluation.

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DICOM images can be viewed instantly in VR without segmentation.

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Effortless and instant 3D model segmentation using deep learning tools.

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One creation suite to support all model preparation steps.

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Create 3D model in minutes using automatic segmentation tools.

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Instant transfer of 3D files to various applications such as 3D printers and VR.

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Supports all popular 3D mesh formats for 3D printers, CAD and VR.

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Enhanced 3D visualization and complete freedom of model control in VR.

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Seamlessly connects to advanced 3D visualization technologies.

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Results are overlaid on patient scan to ensure precision.

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Intuitive editing tools including auto model coloration.

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Easy control of data management.


Tumor Segmentation
Post Surgical Planning
Vessel Segmentation
Mandible Reconstruction
Basilar Aneurysm
Oral and maxillo facial
Virtual Reality
Virtual Surgical planning

Video Gallery

Case Study

Missing Eye
Virtual Surgical Planning Assists With Full Face Transplant
Bio-CAD Modelling
Geomagic Freeform Puts a Face To Missing Children
Bio-cad Modelling
Geomagic Phantom Haptic Devices Allow Surgeons To Practice

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It is an Advanced Visualization Software, allows surgeons, radiologists, lab technicians, and device designers to create diagnostic-quality digital 3D models and physical 3D prints easily and quickly. Virtual reality (VR) visualization allows clinicians and point-of-care (POC) staff to minimize the effort and time associated with the creation of patient-specific anatomic models.

D2P software has three modules. 1. Bone 2. Teeth 3.Vascular. It has an auto segmentation feature in which we can directly segment the part in one Click.

Yes We Can Directly Print the Segmented Part from any 3D System Verified Printer.

Virtual Reality is used to perform Preoperative Surgical Planning, Improve Patient Education, Helps Patient Manage Stress, More Detailed Medical Imaging and Faster Rehabilitation.

D2P uses DICOM Images Created by CT Scan, CBCT Scan And MRI Scans for Creating 3D Models.

We Can obtain PLY, OBJ, STL, IGES, PDF files using D2P Software. We can Directly use the given file in Geomagic Freeform and make changes or Directly Print it. .

D2P is a one-time purchase perpetual license application, it’s not possible to rent or yearly subscribe software.

You can buy D2P Software from 3dsystems authorized resellers in India.We are Graft3D Healthcare, one of the authorized distributors, a reseller of Haptic Device in India.